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I'm just trying to do what makes me happy, multifandom

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Sometimes i wonder how you think about it now
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Out in New York City July 31

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it’s 2014 and people still think taylor swift is teaching girls that all there is to life is dating boys when she’s over here leaving comments like this


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“I was never really the coordinated, athletic guy. I always made short films and shit like that growing up… Other kids played sports, other kids did drugs. We made movies, basically—horror movies, comedies—just spontaneous little creations that came out of 14-year-olds with nothing to do.”

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"I can't help but go back to think about when I was younger and I would write songs in my bedroom. The first thing I would feel was fear, because I was afraid no one would ever hear it. I can't thank the fans enough, because now I don't have to feel that way anymore."

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Finding wings in New York City.

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Taylor Swift leaving the gym in NYC - July 16th

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